Review Policy

Pink Pages allows users to leave reviews on businesses in order to share their experiences with other consumers. These reviews can help others to decide on which businesses to use, and the level of satisfaction they can expect from the business.

Other users can respond to a review left for a business, or the business owner can respond to reviews to say thank you for good reviews, or give their side of the story.

Pink Pages moderates all reviews and comments for a business. This process takes time, and so your review or comment may not appear straight away. We suggest that you visit the business listing later to see if your review or comment has been published.

We accept all reviews for businesses, whether they are positive or negative. Reviews need to be honest, and submitted by someone who has dealt with the business directly.

We will not publish reviews if they don't appear to be genuine, or are based on rumour or second-hand information.

We will not publish reviews if they contain swear words, are derogatory or offensive, racist, sexist or defamatory.

We will not publish reviews copied from another review, that don't refer to a specific experience with the business, not written in English, or are nonsensical.

We will not publish reviews that may be in contempt of court, or those that claim medical malpractice, food poisoning or illegal activity. If you have experienced these issues you should contact the relevant authorities.

If you see a review that you think is incorrect or inappropriate, click the ‘Report’ link below the review. You can supply your email address and the opportunity to explain the problem that you may have with the review, and we will investigate it. We will not accept phone calls or emails about inappropriate reviews.

We retain the right to publish, reject or remove any review or comment at our discretion.

Pink Pages is under no obligation to remove any part of a review or comment when requested by the reviewer or business owner.

All reviews and comments submitted to Pink Pages become the property of Pink Pages.

From time to time we may reproduce any part of a review or comment for publication or broadcast in marketing material, newsletters, on social networking sites, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio or online.

Pink Pages' decision is final and we will not enter into any correspondence about reviews published or not published.